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paint brushes

Joel Adas who formerly lived in Brooklyn has recently moved to Cape May, NJ where he shares a studio with his wife, Helen, also a painter. He works in a free-flowing style that relies heavily on improvisation and reacting in the moment to what the image might be or become. Landscape is his favorite genre but people and objects sometimes populate his paintings.

Adas is a particularly drawn to coastal and urban areas where there is evidence of decay and of structures once used now defunct. The conjunction of nature and human constructions figures prominently in his work.

There is a lively play between a sense of deep space in most of his pictures and the surface of the paintings which are often raw with scrapes, scumbles, and areas that have been sanded away to reveal previous layers. Adas has a love of many painters whose work was similarly physical including Soutine, de Kooning, and Biala among others.


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